DJ KA$H The Fly Haitian Kid

    By Damourude Lazarre
    Summer 2017

    Today I had the privilege and honor to speak to DJ Kash (born Chener Dieudonne); a native of Brooklyn and the youngest of five children. He is now one of ATL’s hottest DJ’s. We were able to speak on various topics which allowed me to get to know Kash on a personal level. Kash first got his nickname playing basketball in high school. His jump shots were beyond amazing and thus everyone called them ‘Cash Money’. Although he was a talented baller at a very young age Kash knew that he wanted a career in music. His close friend and mentor, legendary producer Todd “the god” Terry, influenced him from the very beginning. Although Todd Perry played a different genre of music called hip-house, Kash knew he could make DJing into a career that he loved.

    Kash observed Todd coming back in the neighborhood with new clothes and a nice car. But there was a different air about him. Even at the age of fifteen, Kash knew that he wanted the same lifestyle. Todd mentored Kash although they had different musical tastes. Kash would eventually make his own way into the music industry.

    Kash continued to develop & practice his DJ skills by playing at family events. He remembers his first official job as a deejay in Long Island, NY. He eventually made a dent in the industry when he became a standout DJ at college parties and events held in Long Island and Brooklyn which quickly helped to make a name for himself across New York City. Of course he knew that his education was a priority, so he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. It wasn’t long before his career truely took off when he moved down to the music capital of the South, Atlanta. . “ATL” provided every opportunity for this young, talented business minded DJ. His sisters were already living in the metro area when he arrived, so he knew this was going to be home. He immediately hit the ground running and started DJing at several prominent night clubs; including the famous Royal Peacock, Club Motion, and the Velvet Room. In 2008 he caught the ear of V-103 Program Director Reggie Rouse who brought him on board to the station. In 2017, after many years of blessing the ears of V-103 listeners, Kash announced a power move over to Atlanta’s Hot 1079 to join forces with the The Durtty Boyz weeknights from 6PM-10PM.

    Although Kash is a major name in the music industry, he also does some awesome work in his community. He currently sponsors an entire football team at a local alternative school. Providing all of their uniforms and equipment. He also volunteers as a mentor on the All Star Basketball AAU Youth Team and the North Metro ASA. During this interview he mentioned that he would be traveling to the Dominican Republic to DJ, and will donate his whole salary to help improve the treatment of Haitian people in the Dominican Republic. All while contemplating thoughts of starting his own non-profit organization. On February 22nd of this year, he was awarded at the Georgia State Capitol, Haitian Day Celebration, where he was recognized for supporting State Rep. Erica Thomas in her efforts to bring awareness to the Haitian community in Metro Atlanta.

    I’m sorry ladies, but Dj Kash is a happily married man. No children yet. He enjoys traveling and DJing in various cities such as Qatar, Dominican Republic, Australia and Dubai. He expressed that Haiti is next, and playing for his country is in his blood. His father is from Okay and his mother is from Pilate. He says whenever he needs his duriz blanc, sauce pois and poule frit, (white rice, bean sauce, & fried chicken)he just drives over to his mom’s house. He truly enjoys everything that she makes. When hs is running around the city and can’t get home, he goes enjoys eating so good Jamaican food. Understandably, his wife is from Jamaica.

    Kash loves to be home with family and just lay back when he is not working. Before our interview ended, he told me to just “Go with the Flow”. This is the motto that he has lived by which has led to his success. DJ Kash continues to prove that he’s not only unique on the ones and twos, but also unique in his approach to life, business and giving back to his community. Thank you DJ Kash. Keep up the great work.