Beauty Water Plans to Build Five Wells in Haiti

    By Jacques Jean-Baptiste
    Summer 2017

    Atlanta based company Beauty Water USA has joined forces with Haiti Outreach Inc., to bring much needed fresh, clean water to an area of Haiti where drinking water is scarce.

    The Beauty Water Wells Company will work to construct five wells that are projected to directly improve the quality of life for more than 15,000 men, women and children in the province of Trou-du-Nord.

    “The trajectory of this campaign is more than just clean water.” says Beauty Water co-owner Vonytza Ciné. “It’s about empowerment communities and providing them with basic and necessary resources to thrive.”

    The cost for each well is $15,000 and the company has a goal of raising $150,000; enough to dig five wells, provide maintenance, and make a life-changing impact in Trou-du-Nord.

    Their efforts are being supported by AT&T, Jakki Colours Salon, Nancy’s Chicago Pizza Midtown and Empire Sports Bar to name a few.

    To learn more about how you can contribute, visit or contact Beauty Water USA at 404-797-7303.

    B.E.L. Initiative

    By Jacques Jean-Baptiste
    Summer 2017

    In June of this year a group of Atlanta Haitian professionals launched the first year of they are calling the B.E.L. Initiative. The program provided an opportunity for four young professionals from Haiti to explore business culture in the state of Georgia for two weeks. The program is the first of its kind in Metro Atlanta and could be the template for similar efforts to be created not only in Haiti but throughout the Caribbean and Africa. The organizers are already preparing for next year’s program and plan to bring a longer group of participants. To learn more about the B.E.L. Initiative and how you can be a supporter go to Here are this year talented young visionaries.

    Vraldiejage Valcin is from Delmas, Haiti and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.
    Vraldie enjoys volunteering and hopes the B.E.L. Initiative will help to broaden her mind so that she can become a better leader in her communit

    Junior Mesamours is from Cap-Haitien, Haiti and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science.
    He coordinated the first edition of Scholars Citizenship, (Pope Francis’ Foundation) and is co-founder of “Kasav an Nom” a premium cassava bread business founded by Haitian university students.

    Vernet Etienne is from Port au Prince, Haiti and has a Bachelor of Art in Teaching Modern Language at Ecole Normale Superieure at the State University of Haiti. He is completing a Masters Degree in Education at University of Rouenand is co-founder of Soins de Sante Scolaire pour Haiti and Langues Culture Monde.

    Herode Victor is from Petion-Ville, Haiti and has a License in Business Management.
    Herode believes “Haiti needs men and women who are capable of interacting with the system in order to bring lasting change.”