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Welcome to another edition of Lakol Magazine, where we are proud to be your new source for stories and information from Atlanta's Haitian and Caribbean communities. As we've grown, we continue to reach out beyond our borders and encourage our family throughout the globe to join us. So in this edition, like in every edition you will not only read and see ads from Metro Atlanta's Haitian community, but from all of our neighbors who share our experiences and support our success. At Lakol we will always adhere to the concept that our communities must remain bonded together in our journey to success, peace and empowerment. I Had a conversation with a friend who looked through the magazine and asked me "...Is this just for Haitians?" A question that we get a lot at Lakol. And as always my response was "We are Haitians and the word Lakol is a Kreyol word for the bond, so without the support of all people, this bond is impossible". To which he responded, "So we gotta stick together." Yes. We have to stick together or we will fall apart.

Jacques Jean-Baptiste
Creator of Lakol Magazine

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